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Popcaan Link Up With Casanova On “Deserve You”


Popcaan link up with incarcerated rapper Casanova on a new song, “Deserve You.”

The unofficial dancehall ambassador, Popcaan, continues to attach himself to international stardom, with his latest move being the featured artiste on Casanova’s new song titled, “Deserve You.” The single sees the New York rapper and the dancehall star delivering a Caribbean-flavored, high-energy summer banger.

While Casanova hails from a Brooklyn neighborhood, the rapper is of Jamaican and Panamanian descent, which he brought over to the production of the genre-bursting summer bop.

Casanova assumes the role of the breezy party starter on the bass-heavy track when he sings, “My mama told me don’t give your love to no one who don’t deserve it/ don’t give your love to no one who don’t deserve it.”

As the bass eases and transitions into a sunny, bouncy rhythm, the rapper spits on the pre-hook, “I get violent when you take my feelings for granted/ Gave you love and you left me abandoned/ Put you up and you left me stranded/ Should’ve known better, but that’s alright.”

Popcaan takes on the final verse of the song displaying his unruly antics about his “glock” while referencing the heartless tactics he has encountered from the fairer sex.

“Killy dem outside, pocket an mi glock dem full/ Pretty gyal a gimme wings, me deven drink Red Bull/ Nah get di chance fi play wid me heart/ Lock it weh an dash weh di key, tell har mi heart cyaan pull/ Tell lie seh yuh deh ah Palm Beach an yuh deh a Flatbush ah run dung Casanova,” he chimed in.

While fans definitely seem to love the song, with many flooding the comment section on YouTube with fire emojis, many others used the platform to demand that Casanova be free from prison.

“Free Casanova, they got the real locked up and the fake free,” one person said, while another agreed, “They need to free that man.”

The rapper is currently behind bars awaiting trial for drug trafficking, RICO charges, and money fraud, along with 17 others who are said to be a part of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang, which Casanova allegedly headed.

The rapper is best known for his 2016 break-out single “Don’t Run.” The single featured top-tier rappers Young MA and Fabolous on the remix.

The collab between Casanova, who is signed to RocNation, and the Unruly Boss was unexpected but much appreciated, as the thumping production delivers an island vibe that may just have fans rocking all summer.