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50 Cent & Boosie Badazz Reacts To Bill Cosby’s Released From Prison

50 Cent and Boosie Badazz reacts to Bill Cosby getting released from prison.

The rap mogul and television producer is showing his support to Bill Cosby after news broke on Wednesday that his conviction for sexual assault of several women was overturned by a higher court.

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday morning. He was previously sentenced to prison following accusations by more than 50 women of drugging and raping the women.

This latest legal win by the disgraced comedian is scheduled to be released from prison. While many reacted with shock and surprise, others in the hip hop community also shared reactions including rapper 50 Cent who trolled the complainants in Cosby’s case.

50 Cent took to social media to share an old Jell-O advertisement starring Bill Cosby where he celebrated the news of Cosby’s latest victory.

“My son Bill beat that case, These hoe’s be tripping,” 50 Cent said on Instagram. “LOL check out FOR LIFE on IMDb Tv now!”

Bill Cosby faced a slew of sexual complaints by over 50 victims including two who were allegedly underage at the time of the assaults. He was in prison for the past two years and is expected to be released this week.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the 2019 conviction for three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault. The development in the case came out from an irregularity in his prosecution where the court held that a non-prosecution agreement with a previous prosecutor was breached when he was made to stand trial.

His attorneys were also able to convince the court that witnesses who testified in Cosby’s second trial had unfairly prejudiced the jury leading to his conviction.

Meanwhile 50 Cent has been vocal on what he insinuates to be the treatment meted out to Cosby versus other alleged sexual predators and miscreants like Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump as well as others. The rapper attacked Oprah Winfrey for what he says is her targeting of Black men after she hosted a documentary about Russell Simmons’ sexual assault allegations.

This is the first time he has out rightly shown support for Bill Cosby.

On the other hand, Boosie Badazz has been a strong supporter of Bill Cosby from day one. He tweeted, “YALL DONT JOIN BILL COSBY TEAM NOW YALL WAS CLOWNING ME AT FIRST #fakeassworld #billfree THEM HOES LYIN #facts.”