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The Game Takes Aim At 50 Cent & Kim Kardashian On “72 Bar Assassin”

The Game

The Game was not holding back on the recently released DJ Kay Slay hosted “72 Bar Assassin.”

The song, and its number of allusions to stars we have all come to know (and perhaps love), is definitely raising eyebrows and sending minds down memory lane in order to make the links. While the song is creative and fiery, names such as Diddy, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Kim Kardashian have added additional elements of heat and surprise to the mix.

“72 Bar Assassin,” which was released on Tuesday, June 22, proves just how much The Game does not give the slightest of damns.

The 41-year-old rapper uses the song to claim his turf, declaring himself the King of Los Angeles. This is a clear allusion to Diddy’s recent declaration of kingship over L.A, despite being a native of New York. Effortlessly, The Game corrected him, “King of New York, King of L.A., And I don’t give a f*** what Diddy say, my semi spray,” he spits.

The Game went on to make mentions of 50 Cent, who is considered a former rival and addressed calls to have them both facing off in a Verzuz battle. While The Game seems open to the battle, the rapper used the song to outline his major condition.

“Puffin’ on a blunt of gas, just to talk about a Verzuz with 50 Tell Swizzy, ‘I need a hundred, cash,'” he raps.

In addition to defending his cash, The Game took a stroll down memory lane to his days with “Yung Buck and them” while he was signed to the G- Unit label. The label was formed by long-time friends 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks.

“Shoutout to Lloyd Banks, album go hard, n**ga / Tell Curtis to give you one of them bulletproof cars / You supposed to do your squad like Yo Gotti do’ em/ Therefore it’s still the Unit long as I can still move ’em.”

The moment of respect ended in a few seconds as the rapper went back to shades and messy lines, setting his sights on Kim Kardashian. The Game reportedly had an unreleased track addressing some ‘violent sexcapades’ with the Kardashian sister and is perhaps using the track to catch up where he left off.

“Might f*ck Kim K on a Waverunner in Wave Runners. Throw it on the blogs, ain’t sh*t they can take from us,” he raps.

In addition, the song also made small references to other stars such as Meek Mill, Steph Curry, Nipsey Hussle, Timbaland, J. Cole, and Lil Durk.