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Dancehall artist Lil Hanky Panky Thanks Homeless Man Who Gave Her Viral Moment

New dancehall artist Lil Hanky who went viral a week ago while shooting a music video that was crashed by a man who appears to be homeless, has returned to show her gratitude.

While shooting a music video for her upcoming single in what looks like Downtown Kingston last week, the man was filmed singing and dancing to Spice ft Shaggy and Sean Paul’s “Go Down Deh” song in a hilarious rendition as he mimicked her.

A video of the moment was shared online, which then went viral as many social media users were amused at the antics. Many also did not know who Lil Hanky Panky was, which also meant that she benefitted from unintended publicity that turned out to be in her favor.

Keen to share her gratitude, she wanted to find the man so she can gift him necessities that he might need.

On Tuesday, she shared a video of her handing over shoes and clothing to him as the two hugged and posed for photos.

“Dear people, we found him after looking for him for almost t2 weeks #reunited,” she said. “we wanted to give a little bit back so Stubbs got some new clothes, and some dinero today,” she posted along with a heart on her Instagram account.

Lil Hanky Panky, who is popularly known as a European dancer who featured in the music videos of artists like Sean Paul due to her racy dancing and prominent butterfly tattoo that spans both of her buttocks, has now stepped into the world of music as she prepares to launch her debut EP.