Spice Declares She Is “Single” On Wendy Williams Raising Eyebrows

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice raised some eyebrows when she declared her single status on the Wendy Williams Show.

Spice has left social media users in deep debates about her relationship status. Despite months of bragging and showing off her ‘Rasta,’ Justin Budd, the Dancehall deejay declared on the Wendy Williams Show, which aired on Friday, June 18, that she is now single.

The Queen of Dancehall made her appearance on the show with Shaggy and Sean Paul to discuss their recent hit single, “Go Down Deh,” which has been making strides on the local and international scene.

But things took a turn when Wendy decided to hit on the Jamaican stunners, Sean Paul and Shaggy and was left disappointed when they confirmed that they are married.

Spice, who was next on the hot seat, knowing exactly what Wendy was about to ask, jumped the gun and declared her singleness to Wendy Williams and her audience, showing her left hand displaying no ring.

“And that’s best for you because you’re trying to grind it out and a lot of times men don’t understand, you know, a woman on the road,” Wendy said, to which Spice was agreeing, “They don’t.”

Fans are torn that the “So Mi Like It” deejay would declare her singleness when she was publicly dating film-producer Justin Budd. The deejay, who confirmed the relationship in December 2020, has taken multiple vacations with Justin, including one to Mexico. Additionally, just three weeks ago, she shared footage of herself and Justin having fun in her hometown, Jamaica. The couple appeared to be at a very serious stage in their relationship, becoming familiar with each others’ children. Spice had declared that she was “in love and happy,” which is why her “I’m single” declaration came as a surprise to many fans and followers who watched the interview.

“I was surprised when she said she was single wow she diss the mon and he show mad love to her and her children. Only Spice know the reason I say free the mon let him find a real woman and stop playing house,” one woman commented.

Another defended that Spice was probably trying to avoid relationship discussions with Wendy, who is known for her drama. “She only said she single because Wendy fassssss and ago dig down in the woman business,” she said.

On the other hand, some fans maintained that while it was possible that Spice only meant that she is not married in declaring her singleness, she could have said that she was dating or is in a relationship out of respect for Justin.

Perhaps Spice wanted to drop some tea on Wendy Williams, or maybe she is telling Justin Budd it’s time to put a ring on it.

Either way, Spice has not yet tapped into the swirling discussions to explain why she said she was single on the show.