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SZA and Travis Scott Reunited To Perform “Love Galore” At Her AMEX Unstage Show

SZA and Travis Scott reunited last night (June 18) for a performance of their 2017 hit song “Love Galore.” The performance was part of SZA’s Amex Unstaged Event, which got underway at 8 PM.

The highly anticipated performance came only a couple of weeks after SZA asked her fans to reach out to Travis Scott to ask if he would perform with her.

In the tweet, SZA said, “Can somebody ask Travis to perform love galore w me one last time for old times sake. Ion got his number lol .”

Her fans got to work and began tagging the rapper in her post.

Travis later responded, “Of courseeeee. 1 last time, a couple more times !!!! When and where? We got the fest coming soon Love galore and Good dayzzzz.”

Travis seemingly extended an invitation for the singer to return the favor by performing the track at his Astroworld Festival, which is held annually in Houston, Texas.

“Love Galore” is one of SZA’s most successful songs to date and chronicles a relationship that the singer seemingly can’t get over. Travis’ verse speaks about how he was hurt by the relationship and how “his ex” never acknowledged the pain she caused.

Fans were loving the performance last night, with several posting reactions to the duo. One Twitter user said, “Sza and Travis Scott performance was so nice and nostalgic,” while another posted, “I need another travis scott and sza collab.”

With the AMEX performance a success, fans will now be looking to see if SZA shows up at Travis’ AstroWorld Festival in a few weeks.