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Dr. Dre Breaks Silence On Brain Aneurysm, Urges Black Men To Take Care Of Their Health

Dr. Dre is opening up about his scary battle with brain aneurysm for the first time.

Anyone who survives a life-threatening situation usually has a changed perspective on life and how fleeting it can be. Back in January, Hip-Hop fans around the world waited with bated breath after news emerged that veteran rapper and producer Dr. Dre had been hospitalized. As more reports flooded the internet, the cause, a brain aneurysm, was revealed.

Dr. Dre, real name Andre Young, was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by ambulance and immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Fans, friends, and family prayed for days for his safe recovery. The most anyone got was an Instagram update that he posted.

Since then, he hasn’t publicly spoken about the ordeal or how it affected him mentally or physically. In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times alongside business partner and record executive Jimmy Lovine, he opened up about the harrowing experience. He used his experience as an example to other black men as a warning that they should take better care of their health.

“It’s a really weird thing. I’ve never had high blood pressure. And I’ve always been a person that has always taken care of my health. But there’s something that happens for some reason with Black men and high blood pressure, and I never saw that coming,” he said.

He added that he is doing more to take care of his health and advised others to do the same, especially where it concerns blood pressure.

“But I’m taking care of myself. And I think every Black man should just check that out and make sure things are OK with the blood pressure. And I’m going to move on and, hopefully, live a long and healthy life. I’m feeling fantastic,” he continued.

While doctors are yet to figure out what caused his condition, stress may have been an influencing factor. At the time the 55-year-old Hip Hop mogul was involved in a bitter divorce trial with his now-estranged wife, Nicole Young. He’s now officially single following the event, and it looks like he’s been genuine about his efforts towards a healthier life. He recently posted a picture to Instagram showing off his “COVID body.”

“This is my COVID body. I’m about to start getting my shit together. Going in with @willsmith. Let’s Go!!!!” he posted a little over a month ago.

He also seemed to bounce back quickly from the near-death experience as not too long after being released from the hospital, Aftermath Entertainment-affiliated producer Dem Jointz shared an Instagram photo of the veteran in front of a mixing board while teasing the long-awaited Detox album.

During the interview, he also spoke about a new school that he and Lovine are expected to open. The duo, who are billionaires, are hoping to open a new type of public high school to encourage more students to stay in school. He admitted that he hated school when he was younger and that everything that has happened so far in his life has led him to this decision.

“This is something new and different that might excite the kids and make them want to go to school. I had no idea this is where my life and career was gonna go, and everything that I’ve been doing throughout my career … was gonna lead to this, all those things a stepping stone to get here. Is this what it’s supposed to be? The, you know, the Big Bang? Hopefully it is,” he added.