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Dr. Dre Divorce From Nicole Young Done Deal But Still Could Cost Him Millions

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Dr. Dre is officially legally single as he and his ex-wife Nicole Young have completely detached from each other.

News about the divorce being finalized broke on Thursday as the judge signed off on the decree to free him from his marriage to Young. Dr. Dre and Nicole’s divorce is arguably in one of the most explosive celebrity divorce proceedings in recent times as Young, who filed for divorce in June 2020, sought to get a significant chunk of the billionaire’s income as part of spousal support.

The couple has two adult children, son Truice and daughter Truly, and were married for 24 years, TMZ reported. However, while Dr. Dre is officially single and ready to mingle, he’s not all out in the clear as the court is still yet to rule on what Young will get from the assets of Dr. Dre. The hip hop mogul is a billionaire and has made a significant amount of money from his music projects, and his selling of the Beats by Dre brand to Apple.

The court will continue proceedings to determine whether the prenup agreement that the pair signed before getting married and which Dr. Dre tore up while they were on honeymoon is actually valid. Dr. Dre, for the most part, says he didn’t destroy the agreement because a clause in the legally binding contract says it can only be destroyed by writing.

The act of tearing of the document will have to be examined by the court to see whether, in spite of that clause, Dr. Dre intended for the prenup agreement to not be effective. Young, on the other hand, has said in her pleadings that Dr. Dre had promised her that should they divorce, he would not enforce the prenup agreement. Of course, at that time, when they were married, he didn’t own anything substantial in terms of wealth that he might have contemplated protecting.

The divorce case has been one to watch as Young claimed Dr. Dre abused her as well as kept many women and had children outside of the marriage. Dr. Dre also seemed to have taken the worries and stress of the divorce as he suffered a brain aneurysm that left him in hospital at the end of last year.

Nicole Young, who had requested $2 million per month in spousal support as well as money for her lawyers, was only granted part of the amount for the attorneys. The spousal payments are yet to be determined, if any, by the court.