Spice Reacts To Former Dancers TC, Rebel & Pretty Pretty Saying They Miss Her

Pretty Pretty, TC, and Rebel (PTR) have publicly expressed that they are missing their former boss, Spice, and apparently, the deejay may be sharing the same sentiments.

On Sunday, June 6, the dancers released an episode of their YouTube reality series ‘Dancehall Life’ in which they reflected on the good times they had with the Queen of Dancehall. They disclosed that, despite the sticky fallout, Team Spice rarely had bad times, and they, in fact, miss those days.

Spice has responded in her now-viral Instagram live session on Monday (June 7). The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star shed light on some heated details and unexpectedly highlighted that she holds no resentment, but all love, for her former dancers.

“Big dem up, all di best to dem,” she said. “If di dancer dem did leave from round mi and never do good or better or whatever the case may be, dem would a fool…. because member mi curve dem an teach dem like a my pickney dem. Memba mi cuss dem and class dem fi be a better version of dem self.”

In response to questions from followers about the dancers’ recent talks on their YouTube series about the now dismantled team, Spice said, “A just the truth. Nuh lie nuh deh there fi dem talk, because memba if them talk di lie God might dumb dem. Memba if dem talk no lie God might cut out dem tongue because them know I had nothing but love fi dem. Real love.”

The “Cool It” deejay explained that despite what society may expect her to say about the dancers, they were good to her. Spice is largely responsible for PTR’s rise in the industry, and she is sticking to her words that they were “the baddest dancers.”

“Very talented,” she said. “If dem never talented dem couldn’t work wid me cause me only work with the best….. yeah we had good times, very good times,” she declared.

She also declared that while she is wishing them all the best, it is not easy for her to get over disloyalty. While many have been speculating that the two sides declaring nothing but love for each other could mean a possible re-connection, Spice admitted that she has trust issues and hinted that there will probably be no going back.

“Mi have nothing but love fi dem girl deh and if mi never love dem, dem couldn’t hurt mi. If mi never love dem mi and dem could a still a talk right now because….its just certain things that never sit well wid mi weh mi never expect,” she said.

The Team Spice team was dismantled last December when Pretty Pretty, TC, and Rebel were caught up in a saga between Spice and her alleged reader man/associated RT Boss. The spiritual advisor publicly claimed that the girls had no loyalty to Spice. The saga progressed when TC said she received measly payments from Spice, and Rebel admitted to gossiping about her boss. They had, however, declared that they were loyal to the reigning Queen of Dancehall, and despite that, the team fell apart sometime after.