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Roddy Ricch Talks Grammy Snub & Why Kanye West Urinating On Grammy Upsets Him

Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch has broken his silence on the apparent snub by the Grammys after what can only be summarized as a season of success with chart-topping performances that set him aside as one who is headed for the top.

In a new interview with Big Boy, Roddy Ricch, however, says that in spite of the actions of the Recording Academy, his art is valuable, and no one will devalue that.

“I look at it like art class. Like if you tell someone to draw this or they draw something and the teacher look at it and say, ‘Man that’s an F.’ I never got an F in art. You can scribble some sh*t on a paper and get an A because it’s art,” he explained. “It’s whatever you interpret it as. I ain’t never going to let nobody grade me. I’m always going to look at art like it’s an A+ every time you put it out because it’s art.”

In spite of that, he shared that awards are important as they are signs that help future artists to know that their accomplishments matter. It’s this idea that has led to him having issues with the behavior of Kanye West.

In 2020, the rapper went on a rampage on social media with several outbursts, including one photo where he shows a Grammy award is his toilet bowl which he urinates on to show his derision for the Grammys. However, in a surprising turn of events, he won an award this year despite his behavior last year.

According to Roddy Ricch, while he looks up to Kanye, he didn’t agree with his actions.

“When I seen Kanye piss on the Grammy it kind of rubbed me the wrong way because it’s like now that I’m getting nominated everybody sh*tting on the accolade,” Ricch said. “It ain’t no disrespect to him. … I want to aspire to be as great as you guy. I’m on my journey. If you retired, then retire. If you in it, kick it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the double-platinum artist says that he’s been busy working on great music and says that music is on the way with Drake, and fans might be happy to learn that some of their collabs might even feature on Drake’s Certified Lover Album.

“I got to call him and see. We got a few in the can and you know he one of them ones. You gotta get in the ring with him and just spar with him,” he said. “Whatever he decide. I ain’t tripping. I know it’s going to be something legendary.”

Roddy Ricch, the self-proclaimed double platinum artist with no features, and Lil Baby are the only two rappers to achieve that feat in 2020. His album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial released in 2019 reached double-platinum status a little over a year after being released.