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Lil Loaded’s Mother Reveals He Was Destraught About A Breakup Before Suicide

The Hip-Hop community was once again thrown into mourning earlier this week when the news that rising star Lil Loaded had passed away. The young rapper was just 20-years-old, and it was reported that his cause of death was suicide. It was also speculated that his feelings of distress might have come from some relationship issues that he was facing at the time.

Following his death, attorney-at-law, Ashkan Mehryari, confirmed the unfortunate news to TMZ. “Sadly, Mr. Robertson passed away earlier today as a result of a reported suicide,” he wrote in the statement.

More details have begun to emerge following the rapper’s death which is being investigated by Cedar Hill Police. One of the more painful details that have been revealed includes that his mother was the person to discover his body and call the police. TMZ reported that Lil Loaded’s mother called the police on May 31 to report an attempted suicide. That was after she made the gruesome discovery that Lil Loaded had a gunshot to the head. By the time police arrived, she was in tears on the porch.

The publication further stated that she said she noticed that he was quite upset while going through a breakup last Sunday night. Some have insinuated that his motive may have to do with him learning that his girlfriend had cheated on him. This seems to be in line with the worrying messages that he had been posting on the day he died.

“Dear most high, please forgive me for my shortcomings and all of the times I’ve fell short of making you proud and being appreciative of all the blessings that have been put in my life,” he wrote in his final Instagram Story post.

He added: “Sometimes the lines are blurred between being solid and being heartless I want to thank you for how far I’ve come and the people you’ve put in my life to keep me grounded and humble through everything and I love every single one of those people that are genuinely for me I ask for entrance into your kingdom thru all of my mistakes I know you love all of your children and I’m ready for my heart and soul to Join you.”