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Boosie Badazz Gives Update On Devastating Injury From Shooting

Boosie Badazz is offering an update on his condition after his shooting in November.

Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie always makes for an entertaining guest whenever he sits down for interviews. Most popularly known for making headlines for his Vlad TV interviews, in particular, Boosie Badazz continued this reputation in his latest segment with DJ Vlad when he talked about how his health is progressing since his unfortunate shooting that took place last year November.

Boosie seems to have a forgiving heart regarding the situation as he doesn’t appear to be lamenting the tragedy at all. When asked about the incident, the rapper said it was “nothing” and seems to be focusing on improving. He hardly seems fazed by the fact that he was wheelchair-bound and now has to deal with the metal in his leg. Boosie made light of the situation as he continues to be in good spirits revealing that he is no longer in a wheelchair.

“I’m walking. I’m performing now,” the rapper says in the latest segment of his Vlad TV interview. “It ain’t 100%. I think I got on it too early. It might gotta go back in it, but I ain’t got time. I’m supposed to be damn near almost tryna run yet. I ain’t running yet. My leg..it seems like my damn thing sticking out. Like you can hear it.”

Boosie then knocks his leg, which is when the metallic sound can be heard as he jests, “It ain’t stopping nothing, you know? I ain’t on no track and field team. They f*cked me up.”

When asked if he was angry towards his shooters or has any flashbacks about the incident, Boosie flat out denied it as he is seemingly not caught up on the issue. “Nah, nah,” he says. “I don’t have flashbacks on this sh*t or nothing like that. It ain’t nothing.”

Boosie Badazz was shot while attending a tribute for fallen rapper Mo3 in Dallas last November. He has remained positive and in good spirits ever since the incident, even giving a spontaneous performance soon after while in his wheelchair.