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XXXTentacion’s Brother Sues His Mother For A Piece Of His Estate


Three years since the death of rapper XXXTentacion, one of his brothers has alleged that their mother has allegedly been siphoning money out of his estate and hiding it in shell companies.

Corey Pack, who is a half-brother of the later rapper, has filed legal documents which claim that Cleopatra Bernard is reportedly taking funds from the estate and transferring them to multiple holding companies.

The document filed by Robert Stok, who is representing Pack, says about the application – “the fraudulent transfer complaint seeks to recover assets being transferred from the probate estate by XXX’s mother, Cleo Bernard, in order to deprive our client Corey Pack, of a recovery, if he’s successful in his efforts to secure his inheritance rights either under his late brother’s trust or will,” Pack’s lawyer Robert Stok said.

The family has been fighting over a trust he left at the time of his death, which I estimated to be worth $50 million.

The documents say that the late rapper’s estate, two of his brothers, each have a 25% share, while his mother has a 50% share of the total assets that his estate owns and is earning. However, there is a third issue at play as the late rapper reportedly has a son who was born months after he died. This would mean that the shares would be revised among the family members.

This new lawsuit is the second from Pack, who shares the same father with XXX. In 2020, Pack’s mother, Jodi Kavney, filed for a share in XXX’s estate on behalf of her son, and her claim was valued at over $50 million. In that lawsuit, Pack and his mother accused Bernard of draining the rapper’s estate of millions of dollars from the estate, but she has denied those allegations.

Pack’s new lawsuit does not say how much Bernard has allegedly taken from the estate nor offer detail on the shell companies she is using to hide the money.

The late rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, is of Jamaican descent and continues to top the charts as fans keep his music alive. The young rapper was only 20 years old when he was shot and killed in Deerfield Beach, Florida, during a robbery.