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Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty Link Up And Squash Beef

Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty beef is official over.

The Florida rapper has a list of people that he’s called out for allegedly stealing his swag. More notable on the list of names on his theft list is Pooh Shiesty, who he said took his money-spreading trend on Instagram. As rappers do, the two began feuding, but it soon ended after Pooh revealed that Kodak was one of his favorite rappers during his Rise & Grind interview with HNHH.

This was enough to calm the storm of words, and soon the two seemed to be at peace with each other. Many times, a truce like this can be short-lived, but it looks like in this case, the peace is real between the two rappers. Last night, May 6, they officially advertised their peaceful understanding to the world after posing for pictures on social media.

The moment came during one of Kodak Black‘s associates’ live streams. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper caught up to Pooh Shiesty and showed real enthusiasm that he showed up in Miami. He began to excitedly call out their sets on camera. It was as if two old friends had met up after not seeing each other for some time. You couldn’t guess that just a few weeks ago, they had beef. Fans, even though happy to see them getting along, were admittedly a bit confused as well.

Some fans began questioning their motives as their beef was quite public when it went down recently. Some even began to ask other viewers on the live session what was going on, wondering if they had missed something over the last few weeks. While it’s great that they are now getting along, fans are still giving it some more time to see how long their peace lasts.