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Lil Durk & Chief Keef Wants To Buy Chicago’s O Block No Matter The Cost

Chi-town spitter Lil Durk is interested in purchasing the infamous O Block housing project, which is currently up for sale.

Home to some of the biggest names in modern drill music is Parkway Gardens, more infamously known as O Block. Rappers like Chief Keef, King Von, Fredo Santana, and Lil Durk were all raised in the notorious Chicago neighborhood. The 6400 Block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Drive is constantly plagued with gang violence.

Interestingly enough, this neighborhood was also home to a young Michelle Obama. As murderous as this place may be, there is proof that one can make it out and become successful as evident by the abundant of big names from the community.

Lil Durk and other Chicago rappers often mention the dangerous street life growing up in O Block in their music. King Von is one example of this. He has mentioned the block in his single “Took her To The O,” and his debut album Welcome to O’Block.

Lil Durk is willing to pay any amount to secure the housing project. It is now listed for sale by the real estate firm owning it. The firm is seeking a buyer able to take charge of all three complexes that extend from 63rd to 65th streets. Lil Durk is insistent on getting the property. “I’ll buy it don’t matter how much it is,” Durk tweeted.

Lil Durk has unfortunately been quite unlucky in his personal life, and now rumors have spread that he is cursed. People now believe that to be affiliated with him is to have an inevitable early or gruesome passing. This may just be a result of being raised in such a savage neighborhood since the majority of his companions were exposed to gangs and gang violence. He is blessed to be alive and thriving in his music career today.

In 2015, Chief Keef tweeted that he is interested in buying O Block. “I’m going to buy Oblock watch! 4nem gone have to move around,” he tweeted.