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Dr. Dre Ordered To Pay Estranged Wife Nicole Young’s $500K Legal Fees

Dr. Dre nicole
Nicole Young, Dr. Dre

The divorce proceeding is underway between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, and one of the live issues was an application by Young for Dr. Dre to pay her legal fees. The court ruled on Tuesday, and Dr. Dre will now have to pay $500k within ten (10) days for her legal fees.

Young’s partial win is only a fraction of the fees she had initially applied to the court for. According to her lawsuit, she has asked the court to rule in her favor for Dr. Dre to pay $5 million for a battery of high-profile lawyers, but instead the court awarded her a small fraction of than amount, the DailyMail reported. The $500K is 10% of her legal fees.

The couple is locked in a bitter divorce battle as Young insists on a hefty two ($2) million a month payment for spousal support from her estranged husband. Dr. Dre, meanwhile, has said he cannot afford to pay Young that sum of money and disclosed that he is paying $293,000 a month in expenses for Young at a Malibu home the couple owned.

Judge Michael R. Powell, who is overseeing the case, noted in his ruling of the case said “pending the next hearing dates on this matter, the Court grants only $500,000 in Attorney’s fees to Petitioner’s (Nicole’s) counsel,” the judge noted. “fees are to be paid to petitioner’s counsel, no later than May 7.”

The legal battle between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young has seen Young’s legal team being able to successfully remove prominent attorneys Laura Wasser and Howard King from representing Dr. Dre after Young made an application that the lawyer’s representation of Dr. Dre amounted to a conflict of interest.

Young was the one who initiated divorce proceedings against Dr. Dre in June 2020 after she claimed he was abusive in their 20 plus years of marriage. At the center of the dispute is a prenup agreement signed in 1996, which Young claims Dr. Dre had ripped up. However, Dr. Dre says the agreement had a clause that says it can only be destroyed by writing.

Dr. Dre is worth $800 million and stands to lose a significant sum if Young is successful in her divorce settlement claims.