One1Can Hires Lawyer Christopher Townsend Ahead Of Miss Kitty Defamation Lawsuit

The drama continues between aspiring dancehall singer One1Can and media personality Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton.

Not too long ago, Miss Kitty revealed that she intended to bring a lawsuit for defamation of character against One1 Can, whose real name is Milton Wray. The lawsuit came about because of some comments that he made on the popular Jamaican show, Onstage, which were later carried by a Dancehall website. Some of the comments included him stating that he was turned off after he took Miss Kitty out on a date and she ordered two meals.

One1 Can was given the option to apologize and have the matter settled, but it looks like he intends to fight the claim instead. It seems he’s recruited well-known lawyer Christopher Townsend to help him fight the case.

Miss Kitty has retained the Wilkinson law firm who issued a lengthy statement earlier this week outlining why they wanted to take the artist to court, as well as the fact that they would proceed if he didn’t withdraw the comments.

“Our instructions are that the statements highlighted (the entire article) are untrue and highly defamatory of our client. The said article with its defamatory comments has already been communicated to many persons. Further, many individuals have shared and re-shared the article/post with the likelihood that it might be communicated, potentially, to millions of people via the world wide web. This poses a serious threat to our client’s personal and professional reputation,” the lawyers wrote.

They also accused him of seeking attention for his latest music video as they added: “The entire story of a date with our client is a total fabrication by you, an attention-seeking gimmick you aimed at attaching yourself to our client’s name, goodwill, popularity, her successful brand and seeking to exploit or gain access to her audience, fans and supporters including her followers (cumulatively, in excess of one million persons) on various social media platforms. Apparently this big and outrageous lie, is to promote your fledging recording (VIP Girl) and the music video for it.”

One1Can has decided to stand by his words which means this one will more than likely play out in court.

“I stand firmly, strongly, and resolutely behind every word. I will not equivocate, and no amount of threats about lawsuits is going to censor me or frighten me. I am a student of the laws of libel, slander, and defamation,” he told local media.