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Miss Kitty Threatens To Sue Entertainer One1Can Over Elaborate Date Story

Miss Kitty is looking into taking legal actions against entertainer One1Can over an elaborate date story.

Miss Kitty has taken a strong objection to claims by Milton Wray known as “One1Can” arising out of his Onstage appearance and further disparaging statements about an alleged brief relationship. According to the entertainer, the two shared a brief romance, and that was called off for a number of reasons that he listed in a sensational manner. Among the accusations was that he was turned off after the singer ordered two meals when they were dating.

Miss Kitty, real name Khadine Hylton, has threatened legal action over the alleged defamatory comments that he made. Miss Kitty is also a lawyer. The letter has demanded that One1Can apologize for his “outrageous lie” as the claims are both false and defamatory.

“Our instructions are that the statements highlighted (the entire article) are untrue and highly defamatory of our client. The said article with its defamatory comments has already been communicated to many persons. Further, many individuals have shared and re-shared the article/post with the likelihood that it might be communicated, potentially, to millions of people via the world wide web. This poses a serious threat to our client’s personal and professional reputation,” the lawyers wrote.

The letter also has instructions that the performer apologize before 4.30 pm on Friday, April 23. At the time of writing this article, no apology has been made available to the best of our knowledge, though that could be an agreement between the two parties that may not be made public. If the apology is not received, the lawyers representing Miss Kitty, the Wilkinson law firm, will initiate proceedings in the Supreme Court today.

The lawyers also stated that they believe the statements were made so that One1Can could ride off of the ensuing media attention. He is currently promoting his single VIP Girl.

“The entire story of a date with our client is a total fabrication by you, an attention-seeking gimmick you aimed at attaching yourself to our client’s name, goodwill, popularity, her successful brand and seeking to exploit or gain access to her audience, fans and supporters including her followers (cumulatively, in excess of one million persons) on various social media platforms. Apparently this big and outrageous lie, is to promote your fledging recording (VIP Girl) and the music video for it,” the attorneys wrote in a letter addressed to Wray.

The letter also stated that there was never any blossoming romance between the two.

“Our client categorically denies ever going on any date with you. Our client did not order any meal as there was never any such date between our client and yourself at Peppers as alleged, or anywhere else. There was no burgeoning romance or any romance at all, nor were there any dalliances between our client and yourself,” they added.

The statement further dismissed any notion that Miss Kitty and One1Can knew each other or had any close relationship.