Popcaan Hit With Several Traffic Charges, Says Cops Targeted Him

Popcaan says cops targeting him after being hit with several traffic related charges.

The Unruly Boss will have to answer to multiple breaches of the Road Traffic Act after an encounter with police yesterday, April 25. According to the police report, Popcaan, whose real name is André Sutherland, was allegedly traveling with his entourage in a nine-vehicle caravan when he was stopped by the St Thomas police in a section of Bath.

Law enforcement officials revealed that after stopping Popcaan, the envoy of vehicles were inspected and found to be in violation of several aspects of the Road Traffic Act. The charges included driving an unlicensed motorcycle, driving without insurance coverage, having no valid certificate of fitness, having no registration plate affixed, driving without a helmet, and driving with no side-view mirror.

The “Risky” deejay will have to appear in the Yallahs Traffic Court on June 3, 2021. He will also have to answer charges of not being able to produce a driver’s license. Another man, who formed part of the entourage, was arrested and charged for having an offensive weapon. He has been identified as 39-year-old Andre Harrison of Bachelors Hall. Harrison was eventually offered $20,000 station bail and is to appear before the St Thomas Parish Court on June 3.

In February 2020, Popcaan was pulled over by police which led to rumors spreading that he was charged with gun possession. However, his lawyer at the time, Bert Samuels, explained that one of the people in the video who was in the car had a gun, but it was registered and legal.

In that video, police were seen pulling over Popcaan and another man. At that time, Popcaan commented: “Yea man, me a watch unu style man. Me see unu a try tarnish me name and dem sittin’ deh man. We outside thou, don’t?”

Popcaan has since reacted to the charges on Twitter saying that cops targeted him.

“Not even feel like me a keep unruly fest a st thomas again,” Popcaan tweeted on Monday (April 26). “Why am i being targeted by st thomas police? In every move i make!! Me really tired a unu, and me ago just breeze ST Thomas for my own good, hope my people will see things from side. Peace and love.”