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Kodak Black Says He’s Done With Prison But Thinks Someone Snitching On Him

Kodak Black is hinting that someone might be snitching on him, but says he’s done with prison.

Kodak Black has been enjoying his newfound freedom, and he doesn’t want anything to jeopardize that. However, according to him, there are enemies lurking in the dark just waiting for him to mess up. In fact, he thinks that some of these haters have even gone to the police already in an attempt to get him back behind bars.

He took to Twitter recently to send a stern warning to those people who he claims are bent on taking him down a notch. He did not mince his words, and the strongly worded warnings he sent truly indicate that the Florida rapper is very serious about not returning to jail. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper has gone through pains to stay off the grid as he fiercely tries to protect his freedom.

In his first Tweet, which seems to have been deleted, he posted, “I Hate You N***as Got My Name Gettin Airplay Out Here When I Ain’t Come Home On No B.S. Got These [Cops] Pullin Down On My People Throwin Hints Out There & Sh*t. I Ain’t On Nothing.”

In another, which also seems to have been removed, he added: “Erybody Know I’m Smush Gang, Sniper Gang, Stretch Gang. Stop Tweeting Out Here & Puttin Insurance On Yourself If You Really On Sumn. The Only Way That You Can Beat Me If I Catch Me A Case. I’m Out The Grid Tho Fasho, All Da Way Out Da Way.”

That Tweet seems to have been edited down to: “The Only Way That You Can Beat Me If I Catch Me A Case Smiling face with sunglasses I’m Out The Grid Tho Fasho, All Da Way Out Da Way.”

Considering that he’s probably being closely monitored by the authorities, it’s not surprising that he may be feeling a bit paranoid about others trying to pull him down and get him back behind bars. From the sound of it, he intends to protect his freedom at all costs.