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Foota Hype Propose “Fed Up” Challenge To Address Lockdown & Crimes

Selector Foota Hype is hitting out at Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness by urging social media users to start a ‘Fed Up’ challenge using Bounty Killer’s 1996 infectious hit ‘Poor People Fed Up’ to show their solidarity against the crime spike on the island.

The controversial selector took to his official Instagram account to ask that Jamaicans show that they were tired and fed up with the crime and violence in the country to participate in the social media challenge by making a video with Bounty Killer’s song playing.

His reaction is in response to comments made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness as he defended the recent weekend lockdowns because of the spike in Covid-19 cases on the island. Many entertainers have come out to voice concerns about how the poor are disproportionately affected by the lockdowns, as many do not have the financial means to stock up groceries for an entire weekend.

According to the Prime Minister, he understands that the lockdowns will affect some persons.

“We have to lockdown because the persons who are going to the corner shops on a Sunday, Saturday or whichever day to buy two pounds of rice, big Gil of oil, half of bread, chicken parts or chicken back, those persons are not wearing their masks, they are not social distancing. They may not get ill, but their grandmother or an older uncle will get ill and when they go to the hospital there is no bed there for them, there is no oxygen there for them, and then they go on social media and say the government wicked.”

The Prime Minister added that he is not against people continuing their hustle but that everyone needs to learn and adapt. “they have to learn to live with the pandemic, live with the coronavirus which only moves if people moves…to avoid the proximity issue, wear a mask.”

Jamaica started experiencing high rates of infections of between 527 cases on March 6, 2021, to almost 1,000 per day prior to the lockdowns that began with Easter Weekend. However, after several weekends of lockdowns, the numbers have started dwindling down back to the 300s, and on April 11, the number dropped to 263.

While this might be a win for the government, Foota Hype is not pleased with the Prime Minister’s remarks. This in spite of videos surfacing on social media showing many inner-city communities keeping parties or having “water wars” while they bundle up without wearing masks or social distancing.

“You know I’m from the people for the people, if you fed up of the crime in Jamaica, the violence against women, the state of the country, the lockdown and with the lame performance of the Prime Minister Andrew Holness- do a video with this song a play,” he said as Bounty Killer’s song belted out in his background.

“ghetto people fed up!” he added.

The self-proclaimed “Viral King’s” Poor People Fed Up Challenge’ was endorsed hundreds of comments and likes.

‘Fed Up’ is from Bounty Killer’s 1996 album My Xperience.