Female In Viral Photo With Koffee On The Beach Responds To Dating Rumors

The female in a viral photo with Koffee is speaking out amid dating rumors

A young woman who posed for a photograph with Koffee at a Popular Jamaican restaurant is denying that she is in a relationship with the Grammy award-winning artiste. The photograph, which shows a lean and muscular Koffee standing inches away from the young woman who has her middle finger up, was shared by a number of Jamaican blogs referring to the two as “Koffee and Creamer’ as they insinuated that the two are in a relationship.

Koffee has not denied or confirmed her sexuality, but that has not stopped curious fans from making assumptions that she was gay and into women. The young man who is identified as Terri on Instagram said, “I’m not her woman or nothing like that. I’m just a fan who took a pic zemii.”

She further commented under her original comment that “yea a lot of us took pictures with her the day we saw her at Sharkies but only mine seem to be sharing all over social media.”

The reactions to the post saw many people asking if the young lady was “Fancy,” who the dancehall deejay referred to her in her single “Lockdown,” in which she talks to a woman as she persuades her to be with her. The song drew criticisms from many who dragged Koffee for being supposedly gay.

Koffee with female fan

Koffee herself has not said a word in response as she continues to do herself and her career. One of her recent achievements includes her getting the nudge from popular brand Calvin Klein in which she poses in a training bra and low cut panties. However, it was her body that had fans fixated as Koffee’s body was ripped and lean, as it shows that she has been hitting the gym.

Among the rude comments left on the photo are “what kinda girl dress so?” in response to Koffee wearing an oversized muscle T-shirt and three-quarter pants dropped low on the hips, similar to how men dress with her the pants down and their butt half covered.

Another person also left a homophobic slur under the post, “where’s chuck fender, gash dem and light dem.” Another said, “damn shame look at koffee look very disgusting.”

Others, though, called out the rude commenters for being judgmental. “couple or just friend that’s her business. Henceforth koffee have her crazy money so why some of us walking and pushing our damn nose inna ppl business…”

Another said, “Bigup yourself koffee cont [sic] to put Jamaia on the world stage do what makes u happy. What you want to do is ur business no one else’s own. Big up again God bless.”