Skillibeng & Rytikal Beefing Amid Rumored Power Struggle In EastSyde Camp

Dancehall stars Skillibeng and Rytikal beefing following recent falling out.

The EastSyde Camp might be serving beef this week, as fans have been speculating that two of its members, Skillibeng and Rytikal, are not exactly on the same page. Rytikal, who was recently released from jail after facing charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, posted a video on Instagram spitting the lyrics:

“Mi just escape out a di jail……EastSyde same place, anywhere, me ah di baddest artist dem eva see, yuh nuh hear?”

Fans at first took this innocently, until the artiste took to Instagram Live to address the media’s comparisons in sound and writing styles between himself and Skillibeng.

“Every artist nah go bad di same, yuh zimmi,” Rytikal said. “So yuh haffi respec di man weh do likkle. Him do wah him can wid pride an ambition an him know seh him haffi do wah him ah do an it mek sense. So if ah ten people like him song, give thanks. Ah one Rytikal man.”

Rytikal has been accused of writing some of Skilli’s songs, and upon his release from jail, many joked that Skillibeng would go back to producing better songs. Rytikal’s IG rant was enhanced by songs from dancehall deejay Alkaline of the Vendetta team.

Many are aware of the tensions between Vendetta and the EastSyde team, more so Skillibeng, who has not hidden his allegiance with Vybz Kartel’s Gaza.

At this point, fans began to realize a rift in affiliations with Rytikal, which, more than anything, would definitely start ‘beef’ with other members of the team. The public gathered that by doing this, Rytikal was in fact sending a message. It is also said that Rytikal’s “baddest artiste” comment did not sit so well with Skilli and led him to a fiery response.

It was this response that confirmed the rift in the team. During a conversation between dancehall deejay Laro Don and Skillibeng on Instagram Live, the two spoke about the official remix for their song “Roadman Trap,” released two days ago.

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Skillibeng said in the conversation, “An mi hear some bwoy a talk eno like dem a wonder a who a di EastSyde b**bocl**t don. No other don fi EastSyde yuh hear? One Skilli, One Beng…”

His statement comes on the heels of a rumored power struggle inside the EastSyde camp between Skilli and Rytikal. Sources told Urban Islandz that the two artistes stopped seeing eye to eye recently and their relationship is almost to the point of no chance of being repaired.

“Laro yuh see some ungrateful ba**y bwoy, mi nuh know dem and mi nuh memba dem yere?” the “Coke” deejay continued. “P**sy unnu ah go gwaan an gwaan till me overshadow unnu, an ah dat unnu want me do. Unnu heart nuh clean yute, ah dat mi ah pree.”

It is unclear what started the beef between the two, and neither of the artists has called names or confirmed the rift, but the sequence of encrypted messages between the two led the public to believe that something is definitely up between them.