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NBA YoungBoy Dodges RICO Charge, Still Faces Up To 10 Years, Lawyer Explains

NBA YoungBoy mugshot

YoungBoy Never broke again is reportedly facing a federal gun charge and is likely to do time.

An attorney who uncovered inside information revealed on social media that NBA YoungBoy’s recent arrest might result in jail time. The rapper is facing a federal charge for possession of a firearm by a felon. The arrest warrant that was issued reportedly stemmed from his September detainment when he was arrested for possession of drugs and a stolen firearm. According to reports NBA YoungBoy has been charged with one count of illegal possession of firearms by a felon, and possession of an unregistered weapon.

In the video shared by the lawyer, he explained, “Got the update on YoungBoy. He’s facing a federal charge for felon possession of a firearm. Carries with it a sentence of between five and ten years,” said the lawyer. “He didn’t get hit with the RICO charge. This, however, is a very serious charge. He has priors, also, when they tried to arrest him he ran and they found a gun in the car he ran from.”

The lawyer further explained in his lengthy caption that the rapper would most likely have to serve a sentence considering his previous legal woes and the fact that he not only ran from police when they tried to make the arrest but also that a firearm was recovered from the vehicle. “No Rico. Felon in possession of a firearm. When feds charge that they are going to have strong evidence like DNA or fingerprints or something else tying you to the firearm,” the lawyer explained.


“While typically this isn’t the most serious charge, when you have a guy with priors involving guns, and the guy who ran from Cops when they try to arrest him and then the cops found a gun in the car he ran from, that is all going to be a very big problem. Bail will be tough. And it’s going to be very hard to avoid jail time.”

NBA YoungBoy, who is a father of 7, has had a troubled road replete with legal woes. The 21-year-old was aiming to turn things around after he finally got off of house arrest and probation near the end of 2019. Check back with Urban Islandz for more on this developing story.