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Boosie Badazz Banned From IG For Second Time, Starts New Page

Lil Boosie simply cannot catch a break on social media as his Instagram is once again deleted.

According to media reports, Boosie Badazz paid a man $554 to be a part of a rare moment, which would see the subject being slapped in the face. The whole setup was for a music video for his track “Period,” which features Dababy. The “Suge” singer was also on the scene of the shoot.

A clip from the video, which was reportedly done in a department store, started making the rounds on social media resulting in Boosie’s Instagram account being removed. This is the second Instagram page the “Wipe Me Down” rapper has had removed after he pleaded with Mark Zuckerberg to have his account reinstated in 2020.

When the video started making the rounds on social media on March 27, some users questioned why the rapper had not “faked” a slap. They expressed both shock and outrage at the act. One user posted, “Even if he was paid, why would you want to actually slap somebody like that? I just want Boosie to be dealt with tbh.”

Memes began flowing almost Immediately after the release of the controversial video. “Boosie smacked him so hard they deleted his IG,” wrote one person. It took Instagram only a few hours to ban Boosie from its platform after the video was posted. The video went against the social media platform’s guidelines. The page had nearly one million followers. In 2020 he was also banned because of his OnlyFans links. On that occasion, he had shared NSFW material, and Instagram considered it as violating community guidelines.

While some users seem to agree with the ban, others noted they had seen worst on the platform, and those persons were not banned.

Boosie has announced his return to Instagram once again under a new handle.