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Bounty Killer Is “Gun Ready” Ahead Of New Album ‘King Of Kingston’

In a controversial new release, Warlord Bounty Killer is letting fans know that he is “Gun Ready.” The single, which dropped today on the artiste’s VEVO channel, features fellow Dancehall artiste Machinelawd Gad and is one of the works expected to be a feature on Bounty’s upcoming album King of Kingston.

Produced by Trackhouse Records and distributed by Johnny Wonder, the track is already gaining traction. The video, which dropped on YouTube a few hours ago, features a simple animation of Bounty Killer and Machine Lawd sitting on a wall with pistols by their sides.

The lyrics are definitely geared towards a mature audience, featuring lines such as “Mountain View wi nuh fire shot in error.” “Body swell up, Madden tek yuh..Graveyard them a carry yuh guh… And when wi kill them any p***y feel sorry seh so.”

Needless to say, some listeners were not here for the song’s lyrics. One Instagram user commented on the artiste’s page saying, “All when u see fellow artist a go prison, a get gun shot, people a dead, you guys still promoting guns, and then you guys will curse government. Just unbelievable.”

Bounty Killer responded to the critic asking if “Gun stores stop promoting and selling guns?”

Most listeners, however, praised the artiste for what they described as his continued immaculate presentation. One fan who seemed highly impressed with the featured artiste commented, “Mi love this, I mean we know the gun thing touchy but it bad n flow fresh, a weh you find dah yute yah general?”

Seemingly unperturbed by the negative comments, Bounty Killer urged followers to subscribe to his YouTube VEVO account, pointing out that only 17.3 thousand persons followed the account, in comparison with the 783,000 who followed him on Instagram.

It seems fans have responded to Bounty’s appeal, as his YouTube account has gained 400 followers in the five hours since he posted the request on Instagram.