Sizzla Kalonji Slighted Vanity Rastas Jah Cure & Fantan Mojah: “Cut It Out”

Reggae/dancehall icon Sizzla Kalonji didn’t minced his words when calling out rastas like Jah Cure and Fantan Mojah, who’ve made headlines recently for the content they put out.

The name Miguel “Sizzla” Collins has been synonymous with the upliftment of the downtrodden from as early as the late 80s to the early 90s when he first broke onto Jamaica’s musical scene. Known for his resolute and no-nonsense type approach to his core beliefs, Sizzla, who also goes by the name Kalonji, is lashing out against entertainers who have detoured from the path of righteousness after gaining success. He is also charring much fire against Covid and all the elements which arise from its outbreak, inclusive of a vaccine that many have zero faith in.

For many, his controversial anthem “Nah Apologize” paints him as a callous man, a radical who is not ready to conform to the modern era and its practices. The deejay continued his vocal thrashing of those he sees trodding on wayward paths from his Judgement Yard base in August Town this morning.

“You have some people wa have locks eno, and wear turban and black to eno and them a do some things wa make dem set a people de weh a foundation people disgruntled,” Sizzla explained to his Instagram LIVE audience. “You can’t de suffer and you never corrupt, you did clean, everything a gwaan good, you just no have no money, no big house and no pretty car, your reputation is well. And now as you rich you get corrupt and dirty and nasty? A Wa ya do?” Sizzla questioned.

“You see some a uno artiste weh a do tha likkle supm de weh no acceptable by the Jamaican nation, uno cut it out eno. That’s not Jamaican eno. ” he advised his fellow co-workers. The deejay did not pinpoint a specific individual who was not upholding the Rastafarian faith. Fans have been throwing out names such as Jah Cure and Fantan Mojah, who have both recently made headlines for controversial actions.

Fantan Mojah

Jah Cure has found himself in a number of issues with females, the latter allegedly leading to a physical face-off with dancehall entertainer Popcaan where weapons were drawn. Mojah caught the attention of high-ranking Rastafarian when he released his very raunchy and explicit music video for his new dancehall number, “Fire King.” When confronted by Mutabaruka, Mojah clapped back with unsavory accusations of the poet and radio personality allegedly having relations with Bob Marley’s former flame, Cindy Breakspeare.

Yet much of Sizzla’s energy was spent on his comments about the virus that practically emerged out of nowhere in the latter parts of 2019. The deejay, who has been hailed as a living prophet, sided with other Rastafarians in their chorus against the ‘plandemic’ and all that comes with it. Buju Banton and Spragga Benz have also hit out against the government’s plan in recent weeks, as the country received and started distributions of its first batch of vaccines. During his address, Sizzla reminded Jamaicans that precautionary measures such as embracing proper personal hygiene, keeping to oneself, and not traversing the roads at night are all practices taught to the majority of the population during childhood.

Sizzla is also asking the powers that be to stop scaring the masses with the pandemic and he added that he don’t think politicians or anyone should get vaccinated. “Stop scare we wid this coronavirus and this vaccine thing, it ain’t gonna work,” he declared. “Me no wa see nobody in the Jamaican parliament taking no coronavirus vaccine, no one in the military or constabulary force, no one in the marines, no doctor, no nurse, nothing no do uno so no come take nun round ya.”

In another segment of his LIVE session, Sizzla Kalonji torched corruption and homosexuality while reminding viewers of the beauty of his community, August Town, especially as the sun crept over the side of the mountain.

Jah Cure previously addressed criticisms of him being a Rastafarian who isn’t humble. Check out his video below.