Mutabaruka Responds To Fantan Mojah’s Claim About Bob Marley & Cindy Breakspeare

Ever since the release of his track “Fire King,” Fantan Mojah has been unable to keep his name out of the media; presumably, this was the intention all along. Nonetheless, we digress as sure enough; the “Rasta Got Soul” singer has caused a significant uproar among many members of his Rastafarian community, with at least one person threatening legal action and others preparing to put their lion paws on him.

Mutabaruka is one such member of the Haile Selassie led religion who believes that the ‘frivolous’ music video in which Fantan Mojah is seen committing mild acts of debauchery will paint an incorrect image of the faith. While acknowledging that not everyone who chants Jah will follow the rules of the religion, the popular radio show host believes persons who have influence should keep such actions indoor and away from the public eye. Muta also made a wild accusation that Mojah would be pleasuring himself to the females seen in the music video in the years in the come.

Fantan has since clapped back at Muta in a now-viral clip. While standing among a group of his supporters, the singer seemingly paid his respects before mouthing his allegations.

“Yuh know say is a elder weh we rate from morning,” Fanton initially said. He followed that with, “Muta deh pon radio a seh lightning fi drop inna mi head when mi a perform, come on Muta… memba a beer white girl yuh f***.”

The decorated poet was further chastised with claims that he is known for engaging in sexual relations with former Miss World and lover of Bob Marley, Cindy Breakspeare.

“Memba a Muta come pon radio a talk say him used to lock down with Cindy Breakspeare enuh,” said Fantan, before explaining an alleged incident in which Bob Marley forcibly gained entrance to the premises that Breakspeare and Muta were sharing and demanded, “hey freak boy, gimmi back be bloodc***t gyal.”

Though Bob and Cindy have never publicly claimed their relationship, numerous photos of the two enjoying each other’s company, as well as their offspring Damian Jr. Gong Marley, are pieces of evidence of a wild romance.

Fantan continued his abrasive and slanderous claims by stating, “Nuff a unnu rasta weh a talk unnu a some f**kin bowcat to enuh, unnu a nuh rasta unnu a dread.” The “Hail The King” singer also issued a warning to others looking to engage in a physical confrontation with him. “The bwoi dem weh mi hear say a plan fi rush mi, memba mi gang big!” He said.

It seems he may need to defend himself on multiple fronts after Mutabaruka addressed his defamatory comments via the popular radio station Irie FM to which he is also employed.

“Fantan Mojah a make some real defamatory arguments,” said Muta while calling for the singer’s source of for the claims made. “Me want Fantan Mojah inna all a him travels fi tell me which white woman him ever hear say me de wid.”

“The second thing, the female weh him mention as it relates to Bob, which Cutting Edge him hear me seh that? When him hear me call tha woman de pon the radio?” Muta questioned.

He explained that the deejay would need to speak to his lawyer about the outlandish claims. “If him no wa talk to me, if go affi talk to me lawyer about it because that is inflammatory not only for me but for the woman who him mention,” stated Muta, along with a prediction that Fantan Mojah may have a handful of apologies to administer when the dust settles.