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Pooh Shiesty Gets Support From Drake Amid Brother’s Death

Drake has offered Pooh Shiesty condolences following the death of his brother, Tee Da P.

Drake is known as someone who congratulates others when they succeed and has maintained friendships with many in the industry, so it’s no surprise that he also is able to sympathize with his fellow rappers.

On Friday, Drake took the time out to reach out to Pooh even though he might have been busy with his mixtape Scary Hours 2 dropping. Pooh Shiesty is becoming a household name in Rap following the release of his album Shiesty Season and his hit single “Back in Blood.”

In spite of his shoot to stardom, the rapper has been dealing with his brother battling cancer. Unfortunately, his brother lost the battle, and Pooh Shiesty has been coping by sharing tributes to his late brother. Among those who are holding up the rapper are many in the Hip Hop/Rap industry, including Drake.

Pooh Shiesty & Tee Da P

Pooh shared a voice note he received from Drake that “I just want to send you my condolences, man. You know and just let you know that, like, the cycle of life is unfair, you know? Something I just went through, too, with one of my friends,” he said before also leaving Pooh words of motivation to continue to hustle and work hard, the same resilience and tenacity that is responsible for his success which directly assists his family.

“Just know that’s something everybody got to witness and I’m sure they’re all just proud of you, the most love for you in their hearts and that’s something I want you to know,” Drake said.

He also said, “In tough time like this, realize what you’ve been able to accomplish in this short time and what you have in front of you. I’m wishing you strength in these times, man.”

Pooh shared the voice note with the caption “real n***s back in style.”

Drake’s advice sure is good coaching to Pooh Shiesty as a new rapper. In spite of being around for quite a while, Drake has been able to stay relevant as he embraces new artists and new music styles and constantly delivers to his fans.