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Rapper Laney Keyz Drops New Song “Famous” Following Shooting At His Home

The home of rapper Laney Keyz was shot up by gunmen, and it was all caught on surveillance footage.

Following the shooting incident, Keyz released a new single titled “Famous” bearing his all. Surveillance footage shows that the act was no random drive-by shooting but rather a deliberate act by three men who walked up and sprayed the Los Angeles home with bullets. The incident reportedly occurred on February 18, 2021, and in the home surveillance footage, the men all shoot at the home while one of them continued to fire when the other two stopped. A few seconds later, they all run away from the home.

News reports say that the LAPD found a number of shell casings on the ground where the shooting was reported, but no one has been arrested for the incident. Additionally, no one has been injured, but police are investigating the matter. It is unclear if the home has suffered damage and the magnitude of it.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that the rapper was inside the home during the incident, but he was not injured. Sources close to the rapper said he has no beef with anyone, and they can’t figure out a motive for the shooting. The rapper, though, is taking all precautions as he has since moved from that home and is staying elsewhere.

The 23-year old Bay Area native moved to Los Angeles in June 2020 and used all of his money for his home and investing in his own home studio in pursuit of his music career. He has spoken at length about his growing up in the hood in Oakland, California, and his desires of getting out of the prison system, having spent a major part of his teen years in juvenile jail.