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Stefflon Don Addresses “Beef” With Nicki Minaj And Old Colorist Tweets

Stefflon Don is finally addressing the “feud” she had with rapper Nicki Minaj, and she is also responding to comments that she is a colorist based on a tweet that she sent out.

It seems that the British-Jamaican rapper is learning quickly that fans can make or break artists, or rather in present times; they can ‘cancel’ them, which can have a devastating effect on their income and earning streams. One such person is definitely Tory Lanez, who claims that following the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident, his streams went down.

This was largely due to a social media movement called #ProtectBlackWomen, and persons that do the opposite face the consequence of the almighty dollar being withheld.

Now, Stefflon Don is addressing any misconceptions fans might have before it gets out of hand.

“Every time I am on a blog people want to bring up my past mistakes. So let me post it here MYSELF for everyone to see. Because you will not trick or scare me with something I my self acknowledged, owned and sincerely apologised for,” the “Hurtin’ Me” singer said.

She said that in spite of her making comments which are not socially acceptable now, she has learned from the past. “Yes this was me almost 10 years ago. Ignorant and angry So [sic] I directed this tweet at a girl who shaded me for my colour. I have grown since then and owned up to my mistakes and this is not a reflection of the Woman I am today! I have apologised and moved on I hope you can too.”

her original tweet had said, “All you dark-skinned hating on light skinned b##ches don’t act like if god gave u a choice you wouldn’t change your colour lool.”

She also addressed rumors that she had a beef with Nicki Minaj and clarified that she remains a fan, and sort of apologized for the reactions her comments had caused. Both Minaj and Stefflon are of Caribbean descent, with Nicki of Trinidadian and Stefflon having Jamaican ancestry. Issues between the two women arose in 2018 following the altercation between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B in which Minaj had gloated that Cardi B had suffered a beatdown at the hands of Rah Ali.

Stefflon, however, did not like the behavior of Nicki Minaj and said, “@Nickiminaj ur a big grown woman talking about beating someone’s head in???? QUEEN???? Im disappointed in you so many people look up to you show us better,” she had written under a Shade Room post.

“I love nicki as an artist! always said this and always will. Nobody can ever change that Respectfully. And hate train..I ddnt even know she was getting hate cuz I wud have kept my opinion 2 myself. But a problem W her never it was fans doing the most But just know I BEEN a fan.”