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Nicki Minaj Father Hit-And-Run Driver Faces Serious Charges

A man who police say is behind the hit and run killing of the father of Nicki Minaj, Robert Maraj, has turned himself in to police and is now facing some serious charges.

According to police, the man whose name is James Polevich, is a Guam businessman, 70 years old, who tried to hide the 1992 Volvo that was used in the accident. He’s since been charged with leaving the scene of an auto accident and tampering with evidence after the accident just over a week ago that killed the senior Maraj on the spot.

Maraj, 64, died a day after he was hit by a car that was heading northbound on Roslyn road, Raff Avenue in Mineola, Long Island. The suspect Polevich only surrendered after the vehicle he drove was traced to his home in Mineola, where police saw the unexplained damage.

According to police, Maraj may have been on the road due to the snow pile-ups on the sidewalk as key U.S states experience snow. Police say Polevich failed to render assistance after hitting Maraj. “He was absolutely aware of what happened. He looked at the deceased and made the conscious decision to leave instead of dialing 911, instead of calling an ambulance for the man. He went home and secreted the vehicle, so he is well aware of what he did.”

Police say surveillance video from the neighborhood was used to track Polevich’s car. His bail is set at $250,000, and a judge has suspended his driver’s license, and his passport has been ordered to be surrendered as Polevich also seems to have a residence in Guam.

Meanwhile, Carol Maraj, the estranged wife of Robert and mother of Nicki Minaj, born Onika Maraj, says she was “very, very , very happy” with the arrest.

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj has not made a public statement regarding her father’s death as fans and friends send an outpouring of good wishes and support for her family. Nicki has in the past spoken about the traumatic childhood she experienced as her father was abusive to her mother. It is unclear what the state of their relationship was at the time he was killed.