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Rich The Kid & Tori Brixx Addresses Cheating Accusations From Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid Tori Brixx
Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx

Dream Doll is caught in the middle of Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx breakup.

There seems to be trouble brewing between Tori Brixx and her fiancé Rich The Kid, following a series of social media posts hinting that the rapper was vacationing with Dream Doll. The drama started after both Rich the Kid, and Dream Doll posted separate pictures of themselves in Cabo, Mexico. Both shared images of themselves holding iguanas, leaving internet detectives to conclude that the two were spending some quality time together.

Tori became aware of the pictures and decided to message her beau, who she actually thought was in Miami. The rapper replied with a phrase popularized by Shaggy and RikRok, “It wasn’t me.” He even called her “crazy” for believing what was told to her. The two have no longer following each other on Instagram. News had surfaced that the couple has been at odds since Valentine’s Day, so it seems to be much more than this recent incident that has caused this fallout.

Dream Doll has responded to the accusations via social media. “Y’all got me F$$$#d up im on my family vacation which I do every year,” she tweeted. In another post, she wrote, “What we not gonna do is sit here and “TRY” to sabotage my character I have NEVER OR WILL NEVER F@#K WITH NO MAN THAT IS IN A RELATIONSHIP.”

Some of the comments under her posts were, however, quite brutal, calling her out for lying. Some even suggested she was seen with the rapper’s kids.

Do you think there is any merit to the rumors of her and Rich The Kid being together? Or is it a terrible case of coincidence that they were both petting iguanas?