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Yella Beezy Says He Was Setup, Arrested On Weapon Charges

Yella Beezy
Yella Beezy

Rapper Yella Beezy has been arrested and booked in Dallas County on Saturday night.

It’s unclear what troubles the rapper ran into with the law, but a charge sheet online shows that he was booked around 11:30 PM. TMZ is reporting that the rapper was arrested on weapons charges, but he says it’s all a setup. According to the entertainment news website, the rapper, whose real name is Conway Markies, was driving in Dallas when he was stopped by police after he ran stop signs, the police claims. A search of the rapper’s car and allegedly found an unlicensed firearm.

A video online shows a squad car with lights flashing behind the rapper’s car while a police officer searches in the back of the rapper’s SUV.

According to Yella Beezy’s manager, the rapper was driving in his old neighborhood to go get flowers for his girlfriend for Valentine’s day when he was stopped for allegedly running the red light. The rapper’s manager said he was told by the rapper that the cops said they smelled marijuana, but he says this was “an excuse to search his car.” According to the manager, the rapper does not smoke weed, no weed was found, and the rapper has not been charged for having weed either.

Meanwhile, the manager says Yella Beezy owns firearms, but they are all registered. Additionally, he claims that the rapper is being harassed by law enforcement agents, and this is an example of said harassment.

The rapper, in the meantime, is still in jail as his manager tries to secure his bail.