Meek Mill’s REFORM To Replace Van Jones With New CEO Robert Rooks

Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance will see Van Jones taking on a new role.

The Philly rapper and Michael Rubin’s REFORM Alliance has announced that a new CEO will be taking over for Van Jones. Jones will now become a full-time member of the Executive Board and co-chair of the REFORM Action Fund. It’s a sign of just how successful the Alliance has been doing over the last few years. Most of their work focuses on bringing about a much-needed change in criminal justice reform. A good example of the work that they’ve been able to accomplish includes California’s AB 1950, which is aimed at decreased probation and prison admissions over technical violations.

The new CEO will be Robert Rooks, who was formerly the co-founder and CEO of Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ). His work focused on helping to reform initiatives to decrease over-incarceration.

In a joint statement from REFORM, co-chairs Meek Mill and Michael Rubin described Rooks as “a game-changing hire for our organization.” They lauded his track record and shared that they had high hopes for the new appointment. “He has a proven track record of changing laws and is universally-respected by leaders on both sides of the political spectrum.”

They also thanked Jones for his work when he held the position. “We’re incredibly grateful for Van’s leadership in laying the groundwork for REFORM and spearheading our first round of legislative victories. We’re thrilled for Van to join the Executive Board where he will continue to help build the organization,” they added.

After Rooks becomes CEO on March 1st, 2021, Van Jones will take on his new role as a member of the Executive Board and co-chair of the REFORM Action Fund. Jones also welcomed the move.

“Rooks is going to put a rocket booster under everything we have done so far. He knows how to build, he knows how to lead and he knows how to win. I am very proud to join the REFORM board, where I will be supporting him and the whole REFORM team to take everything to the next level,” added Jones.