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NBA YoungBoy Fans Criticized His Mother For This Raunchy Statement On IG

NBA YoungBoy mother
NBA YoungBoy & Sherhonda Gaulden

NBA YoungBoy’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, has now fallen victim to the wrath of his fans on social media because of her recent post.

When you utter the name NBA YoungBoy, you are likely to receive a bevy of mixed reactions, from complete admiration to displeasure. This mostly stems from his promiscuous nature and the well-known fact that at only 21 years old, he is the father of seven children. Some of whom are quite close in age, being only months apart, as is the case with his daughter by DreaSymone and his son with Iyanna Mayweather. Many have questioned how quickly the rapper moves on from his relationships, often starting anew before the dust has settled on the prior.

The rapper also remains in the public eye to his criminal past, his violent lyrics, and his questionable character, as many fans would point out after his numerous posts on social media showcasing his love of guns, drugs, and women. In the past, the rapper has also been seen brandishing said weapons in the presence of his young children.

This time, however, the rapper is in the spotlight, not for something that he personally did, but the weight is falling on him just the same. Yesterday, fans were shocked and appalled when they encountered a risque and lewd social media post by his mother. “He say my cat so juicy he drink it out a glass,” she wrote.

She came under immediate fire, and heavy scrutiny as one fan commented, “You too f**king old for certain s**t, you need to remember you young boy mother one of y’all mfs gotta act mature!”

NBA YoungBoy’s mom quickly clapped back, questioning who the young lady was talking to while simultaneously flipping her the bird. Not backing down, the fan boldly proclaimed, “you MS .sheronda!”

Fans of the rapper then began a high artillery assault likening NBA’s behavior to that of his mother. “That’s why he acts the way he does look at his example,” one fan noted while another added, “She’s embarrassing and I see why her son fighting demons.”

Another IG user drove their point home writing, “This is what happens when ya have babies young, u end up trying to be YOUNG when you’re a whole Grandma. She needs to grow up.”

Despite the backlash she is receiving, Gaulden stands firm on her statement, informing all those who find her actions reprehensible to unfollow her. NBA YoungBoy has not yet made his voice heard on the matter, but it would be pretty interesting to see which side he supports.