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Young Thug Cosigns Lil Uzi Vert $24 M Diamond, Lil Uzi Says He Could Die From It

Young Thug is a fan of Lil Uzi Vert’s new forehead diamond worth $24 million.

Just about every rap fan and critic had something to say about Lil Uzi Vert’s latest fashion choice. That is his decision to have an 11 karat $24 million diamond implanted right in the middle of his forehead. While many expressed shock, some even outrage, he’s at least got one fan and supporter in Young Thug.

Lil Uzi hasn’t been shy about showing off his decision either, seemingly unbothered by the plethora of criticisms. It took him four years to finish paying for the diamond, and he’s been showing it off even amidst many of his fans saying that it was a ridiculous purchase and some even ridiculing him.

Young Thug used his Instagram Stories to give his stamp of approval. “Slime rule the world, believe it,” he said. He added: “Young n***as out this motherf*cker spending $24 million on they heads. N***a put $24 M on the front of they head. Y’all hoes get in line.”

Other rappers didn’t feel the same way. One rapper, Sauce Walka, accused Vert of stealing his style, referencing his decision to have a $250,000 diamond teardrop implanted on his face in December. Vert would eventually reveal that this latest style was an ode to Lil B, the one and only Based God.

Lil Uzi remains committed to his new look and recently said, “If it’s accepted from the jump it’s not ICONIC.”

A little late, he had another message for the haters, “I’m literally tryna turn into a Diamond.”

Lil Uzi Vert says the diamond could take his life if he’s not careful.