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Silento Issued Statement On Murder Charge, Asks Fans For Prayers

Atlanta based rapper Silento was recently apprehended and charged for murdering his 34-year-old cousin Fredrick Rooks. A statement from the entertainer’s PR team pinpointed ongoing “mental health” issues as the root of his heinous act.

Over the last couple of years, Silento has been plagued by violent outbursts resulting in numerous charges. Last summer, the rapper bore the title of a hatchet-wielding maniac when he entered a random home in LA searching for his girlfriend. He was subsequently slapped with an assault charge for the use of a deadly weapon. Yet, his most recent run-in with the law has become his most shocking act to date.

On January 21st, the police were summoned to Panthersville, Georgia, where they found Rooks’ bullet-riddled body. Further updates confirmed that a total of eight rounds were fired, with the deceased being hit numerous times. Though barely alive when the first responding officers arrive, Rooks later succumbed to his injuries upon the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

The victim’s death has been ruled a homicide, resulting in Silento being charged with murder. Still, his publicists want fans of the 23-year-old to keep the accused in their priors during this difficult time.

“Please send my client Silento some positive vibrations. Over the past several years, Ricky has been suffering immensely from a series of mental health illnesses. We will continue in his efforts of treatment, but we ask in the meantime the public uplift him and his family in immediate prayer & positive energy!!” He wrote.

He continued, “Ricky is a beautiful soul, and we hope that the same people who came up whippin’ & nay nay-ing with him, continue to support him and lifted in prayer!!”

The feeling of compassion is not the general mood resonating across social media, with many speculating that this is just a means by which to get him a lesser sentence and gain sympathy.