Foota Hype Shares Photo Of Teenage Son Previously Fathered By Flexxx

Foota Hype shared a photo of himself and his teenage son he recently found out about.

One of dancehall’s most controversial selectors, Foota Hype, has made the news again. This after it was revealed that he is the biological father of a 14-year-old boy. The news was a hard pill to swallow since friend and music associate Flexxx previously believed the child to be his son. Foota took to Instagram today posting a photo of the teen with the caption, “Gm I’m accepting all my blessings from the universe even if it’s too late it’s still a blessing officially introducing my son to the world GOD bless OMARI.”

Rumors have been circulating for a while as to the paternity of the teenager who reportedly has been supported by Flexx for over a decade. Quite recently, both Foota Hype and Flexx have taken to social media to speak on the situation and provided some details on the history they share with the teen’s mother.

However, before they took to the social sphere, quite a few persons who were familiar with the situation sought to address it and publicly shared their thoughts. Some even going as far as sharing images of the then-unnamed teen. One such individual was popular Instagram influencer Mumzell Smooches, who joined DJ Lava’s “Chat and Laugh” session to give her take on the matter. She spoke about previous differences she has reportedly had with the teen’s mother.

She divulged that she got a picture with Foota and the teen, and when she reached out to Flexxx, he broke the surprising news to her that he was “not the father.” Mumzell also further revealed that when she saw Foota in Florida, he said he was “just finding out.”

Foota also shared a video of himself with the teen at a shooting range in a move to help boost his confidence. It’s never “too late for a shower of rain.” This move by Foota was strengthened by the child allegedly attending therapy as a result of the paternity crisis. We hope that now everything is out in the open, the teen will be able to form a meaningful relationship with his real father, Foota Hype.