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50 Cent Trolls “Power” Actor Method Man For Affair With Wendy Williams

Method Man and 50 Cent

50 Cent is going after his Power colleague Method Man for alleged affair with Wendy Williams.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is back in the headlines, this time for his comments regarding Method Man’s alleged one-night stand with talk show host Wendy Williams. The talk show host, who has been promoting her new biopic and documentary on Lifetime, has been a hot topic of media houses for the past couple of weeks. Her interviews have so far been pretty salacious, to say the least, with her dropping celebrity names here and there. One such celebrity was none other than Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man.

In her interview with DJ Suss One, the media talk show mogul spoke about a sexual encounter she allegedly had with the rapper. Wendy detailed her seductive move as such; “I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulder, you know how I do, and said, ‘You wanna come over?’” To which he said, “Yeah.”

She explains that she is unable to recount all the details as she stated at the time she was on cocaine. Nonetheless, she is positive that the incident took place even though she warned the host that Method Man would likely deny it.

Method Man and Wendy Williams had a falling out in 2006 when Williams went on air and disclosed that he was having an affair with his wife’s doctor, who was treating his wife for cancer at the time. Meth was outraged and has openly expressed his dislike for the host since the incident.

Though Method Man has remained mum on the statement, 50 Cent is known to troll other celebrities on his Instagram profile that boasts a massive total of 26.4 Million. “The f**k kind of weed made you do that blood,” the G-Unit man questioned. ” Not stopping there, he also stated in a since-deleted post, “If I was you @methodmanofficial, I would not remember that sh*t either. LOL Never b__ch, I don’t remember.”

50 cent is no stranger to making disparaging comments about Wendy Williams, with regular acts of body-shaming, even though Williams has never clapped back.

Williams is adamant that her steamy fling is true despite Method Man’s wife also speaking out in a statement that the host is delusional.

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