Shenseea Cash Out On Acres Of Land In Jamaica: “Feels good to stand on what I own”

Shenseea cash out on some real estate in Jamaica after a spree of endorsement deals.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has experienced tremendous growth in her craft over the years, with those said improvements being the backbone of her many rewards and awards. In other words, the “Blessed” singer has sowed her seeds and is now reaping the fruits of her labor. It could be said that she has not put a foot wrong over the last couple of months, and based on her most recent post, her feet are currently on solid ground. The Pretty Little Thing ambassador shared an image of herself glowing atop her very own hillside lot. Shots of the plains below should be a breeze for the young entertainer.

“Feels good to stand on what I own…close to the [Heavens],” she wrote in her caption.

Shenseea also added a couple of videos to her IG Story of the “Good Land dem,” which is a play on the title of Ding Dong’s track “Good Ting Dem.” Her follow-up post showed just why she is considered one of the hottest acts out of Jamaica at the moment.

“These b**ches flex with brands, I flex with lands,” she rapped while comparing her shoes to the plot of land. Her hillside property has become the second high-end purchase by Shen in under a month after she showed fans her brand new Chevrolet. While unveiling her newest set of wheels, she wrote, “Priorities 1st…always.”

The singer has also been guaranteeing that her bag stays full by securing her 9th endorsement deal. This time around, she inked a deal with the Trinidad beer company, Carib Limited. The singer is also a Pretty Little Thing standout, Savage X Fenty ambassador, and the princess of Boom Energy Drink, just to name a few.

Shenseea did not provide details about the specific location of what we predict will be her future home. However, the hilly interior does leave a slight hint of her home parish of St. Elizabeth. There is also no mention of the dollar figure the Interscope Records signee has forked over for the hillside property.

She has become the third Jamaican entertainer to make a real estate purchase in the last couple of months. In the fall last year, Stephen Marley copped a $3.4 million estate near Miami, Florida, and earlier this month, Shaggy snagged a $2.15 million property in the upscale Cocoplum community in Coral Gables, Florida.