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Beyonce’s Cousin, Rapper Martell ‘Kardone’ Derouen, Shot & Killed: Reports


Beyonce cousin, Martell “Kardone” Derouen, who is an aspiring rapper, was reportedly shot and killed.

The bloodletting of 2020 has carried over to 2021, with quite a few deaths already recorded among members of the hip hop and dancehall fraternity. Texan rapper Martell Derouen has become the latest entertainer to have passed away. Martell, who performs under the moniker Kardone, is reportedly related to one of music’s biggest acts, Beyonce.

San Antonio Express-News reported that Kardone’s lifeless body riddled with bullets was found inside his apartment in central Texas on Tuesday after a welfare check was carried out by law enforcement. Apparently, persons were unable to get in touch with Kardone for a few days, which prompted a call to law enforcement. The hunt is currently in progress for 21-year-old Sasha Skare, who has been suspected of committing the unspeakable act.

Sasha Skare found herself in a similar situation in 2019, which led to her being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting one man and injuring another. While the exact nature of her relations with Kardone has not been uncovered, records have shown that the deceased produced a track for his alleged killer.

‘Kardone was widely known in his area as Beyoncé’s cousin, but in the last few years, he’s changed that narrative with his own musical pursuits,’ states his Spotify bio. Brian Mitchell, who owns Fyngermade Studio, told KSAT News that his associate was keen on building his own legacy. A trace of their family tree shows that Beyonce is related to Kardone through her maternal grandmother, Louisiana native, Agnéz Deréon.

“That’s not even something he would even mention to people,’ said Brian about the Sony Music signee. “We’d just have to put in his bios because it’s just, it’s worthy to put it in there, but he doesn’t like stuff like that. He was just a real subtle dude, quiet.”

Brian is still baffled as to why the rapper was taken out, comparing the act to ”hurting a butterfly.”

Derouen’s wife is also finding it hard to come to grips with his untimely passing. “He didn’t deserve this,” she commented while calling for the capture of the suspect in question.

“There is no way to replace him but please help us find this girl,” she wrote in a statement. “She is dangerous and I do believe she will kill again. If you see her please contact the police.”