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Yaya Mayweather Shares Photos of NBA YoungBoy Despite Him Having New GF

Yaya Mayweather doesn’t care if NBA YoungBoy has moved on with a new girlfriend.

Yaya Mayweather only wants NBA Youngboy, and she is making that very clear. She had stated the obvious months before her pregnancy, and now with her son heading to his 1-month mark and the rapper spending all his time with his new girlfriend, fans believe that it’s time to let him go. Her followers are currently expressing a mixture of hate, disappointment, and concern after the boxer’s daughter shared a throwback post of herself and NBA Youngboy during their glory days.

Yaya and NBA YoungBoy have been dating on and off for 2 years, and he even called her his “wife” at one point. Things have been rocky for the two for the most part with the rapper fashioned a track titled “Dirty Iyanna” rumored to be a diss track aimed at her. Meanwhile, Yaya Weather injured one of the rapper’s baby mamas to show her dedication. The two have definitely secured a lifetime bond with the birth of their baby, Kentrell Jr, but there is not much to go on as far as romance is concerned.

Apparently, fans tried to get that point across to the Yaya Mayweather on Instagram. Her clap back proved that she was having none of it in her DM. “I Post What I Want,” she reminded everyone via her IG Stories. Those who did not offer a direct response to her Story upload joined the parade in The Shade Room to discuss the topic at hand.

“Oh sweetie…it’s actually really sad, I really hope she finds her worth and loves herself and her son more then she loves this little boy,” came just one comment from the thousands shared.

NBA Youngboy is no longer on social media. His sparse updates are now only available via public sightings or posts from his current girl Jazlyn Mychelle. The two were last seen having fun on their snow-filled vacation.