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Trey Songz Celebrates Release From Jail For Hops On Private Jet

Trey Songz hops on his private jet immediately after his release from jail.

Trey Songz had an eventful weekend amid reports that he was arrested following a scuffle at the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night. Jackson County Sheriff’s department released a statement about the incident, saying, “During last night’s AFC Championship game, fans complained that a man was not following the Arrowhead fans’ code of conduct or the mandates of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department.”

According to the statement, the man, later identified as Trey Songz by multiple sources, refused to comply with security or leave his seat. Law enforcement was then called, but Songz continued to refuse to cooperate.

In a video released by TMZ, the R&B star is allegedly seen punching a police officer before putting him in a headlock while being wrestled to the ground. The statement goes on to say, “Other officers then came to the scene and were able to get the man into custody without further incident. He was arrested and booked at the Jackson County Jail.” The statement did not confirm Trey’s identity, adding, “Missouri Sunshine Law prohibits the release of a suspect’s name who has not yet been charged.”

A look at Trey’s Instagram feed and story over the last 24 hours shows no mention of the incident and is instead filled with pictures and videos from his time at the game, which appears mostly lighthearted and celebratory.

One post added on Monday afternoon includes the caption, “back home”, which fans are interpreting as the subtle announcement of his release from jail. Luckily, the incident was over quickly and didn’t result in a more serious outcome considering the many excessive uses of force by police officers we have seen in the media over the past year. Charges against Trey have not yet been announced.