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DaniLeigh Says She And DaBaby The “Hardest Couple In The Game” Right Now

Are DaniLeigh and DaBaby the “hardest couple” in the game?

While some fans can’t get over DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s tainted romantic history, the two artists have been inseparable since they reunited late last year. The Def Jam singer has been frequently showing fans that she is quite pleased with her decision to get back with the Charlotte rapper.

In her latest tout of how much of a cute couple the two make, DaniLeigh co-signed a fan’s lofty compliment about her and her boyfriend. “Hardest couple in the game rn,” the fan wrote on Instagram Stories alongside a photo of Dani and DaBaby. The singer reshared the post on her own Instagram Story giving the statement her stamp of approval. Admiring her and her rapper beau’s good looks, Danie added, “We so fine,” with the heart-eyes emoji.

At this point, there is a fair chance that DaniLeigh has built up a tolerance for backlash after the abounding bashings that she has had to endure in the past about her relationship. Fans didn’t take it easy on her when her post started circulating online but we’re sure that won’t deter this lovestruck crooner from sharing more sweet moments with her and her “baby.”

Critics doubled down on the relationship after Dani’s post landed on The Shade Room’s Instagram page. One of the most liked comments suggested that rather than being the “hardest” couple, the duo was the “Most forced” couple in the industry. Others compared them to other famous couples. “Nah we like nugget and turtle better n tuna and herbo,” the top comment read. “No. its Saweetie & Quavo in my opinion,” another user chimed.

As most fans have already deciphered and declared in the comments, DaniLeigh will continue to remind us that she and DaBaby are a thing. Whether you like the couple or not, you best get used to seeing what one commenter called “the corniest couple in the game” strutting their stuff on the gram. Recently DaniLeigh posted a photo of her and DaBaby boarding a private jet with the reminder, “And I’m behind him if it go down.”

Who would you say is the hardest couple in the game?