Agent Sasco Names New Brand Ambassador Of Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ)

Agent Sasco has been named the new brand ambassador for Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ).

The announcement was officially made last Monday, January 18, at the headquarters of RPJ at Retirement Road in Kingston. Well known for his views on respecting the environment, Agent Sasco described the partnership as a perfect union. He also shared about how the partnership came to be and how he intends to do his part with the Jamaica Observer. He explained that RPJ reached out to his team about their plans for a potential partnership and that he was immediately interested because “recycling is one of the things that I am passionate about and certainly something I know can only be beneficial to Jamaica.”

Agent Sasco added that he believed that Jamaica was moving in the right direction following the country’s ban on single-use plastic bags. He described this as a huge step in the right direction. The move showed that Jamaicans are ready to keep making meaningful strides in protecting the environment, he continued.

“The national consciousness around environmental issues has increased and I believe Jamaicans will embrace this initiative. Personally, it aligns and intersects with several of my other interests including my desire to do more things that have reach and impact in the wider community,” he added.

While this was a great first step in the right direction, finding a sustainable recycling program is also important he said.

“Recycling will have to be a key component of our national strategy if we are serious about managing and protecting our environment, especially as we see a surge in development,” he said. He continued on to say that the sooner Jamaicans accept that recycling is the way forward, the sooner they can begin to enjoy the countless benefits.

The marketing and public relations manager for Recycling Partners of Jamaica, Candice Ming, also said that she was pleased with the partnership.

“We wanted someone who is able to transcend generations and genders and able to invoke a positive influence. It was also imperative to partner with someone who is aligned with our mission and he best fits the criteria,” Ming said while also speaking with the Observer.

The partnership was needed now as the environment is suffering from the damaging effects of plastic bottles lodged in places that they shouldn’t be, Ming added. She also said that together they have a lot of work to do to normalize recycling as a daily activity for Jamaicans.