Wendy Williams Says Her Brother Started Huge Fight At Her Mother’s Funeral

The feud between Wendy Williams and her brother continues.

Wendy Williams says she did attend her mother’s funeral, and she also says her brother Thomas Williams Jr. started a physical fight at her mother’s funeral. In addressing the unfolding family drama in which the younger Williams sibling says his celebrity sister failed to attend her own mother’s funeral instead, going to lunch as if it was a normal day.

Thomas Jr. questioned the type of person Wendy is and said even her estranged ex-husband Kevin Hunter attended the funeral of their mother Shirley Williams to pay his last respects.

Wendy Williams called out her brother, who she said nearly caused her mother’s body to fall out of her casket on the day of the funeral!

“Tommy you know I was at Mommy’s service and you know she looked beautiful in her casket and you know that you fist fought a loving member of our family half your age who was supposed to be somebody a blood relative, everyone,, not my son. You started a fight over an open casket, a thank God we were at a civilized funeral home and the men of the funeral home blocked so mommy wouldn’t fall out and there wouldn’t be a catastrophe.”

She scolded her younger brother, “you should know better at 53!”

Thomas later revealed posted another video saying, “I ask you one question, why didn’t you go to the funeral? Why couldn’t you call daddy and tell him why?…I was there when you came in at night of the dawning of the wake an you told us, you told daddy you had to race back to New York to handle business….Your father didn’t even know you were in town for the funeral but were out eating lunch with your ex and your son which wouldn’t be a problem I guess if you had told your father that. He was hurt, He’s hurt, he’s hurt Wendy, that’s why I’m here Wendy.”

Thomas said Wendy lied to her father that she was going to be in New York.