Ciara Details Having To Wear Mask While Giving Birth In COVID-19 Pandemic

Ciara is opening up about her experience giving birth during the pandemic in which her son Win was delivered back in July, just months after the Covid-19 virus was declared a global pandemic, says she wore a mask out of precaution.

In an interview with Self Magazine, she disclosed the details of that experience. “my obstetrician who’s delivered all my babies, was not playing any games about this COVID. I literally made my first push with Win and then he was like, ‘she needs a mask on. Get a mask on.”

According to Ciara, she had had a mask with her, and it was down when the doctor insisted she wears it. “It happened so fast, so I still had my mask [down]. But he was like, ‘Oh no no. she gon put that mask on.’”

She added that the act of wearing a mask did not hinder her from breathing or having the baby. “My mask was pretty good. I could still breathe alright through it, so that was good…but it was like, ‘wow this is craxy. I’m having to deliver a baby with a mask. What in the world?”

A video that was originally shared after giving birth on her Instagram account showed a quiet Win after birth as his mother sang happy birthday to him. At the end of the song, Ciara says, “I didn’t have any breath to get it out,” as she can be seen wearing a black detail mask.

Back in September, Ciara said she had a smooth birth with husband Russell Wilson by her side as she praised him for supporting her “he was like everything in one. He was a cameraman, making sure the camera was set up right so we could get the angle when the baby comes out. And he actually helped pull Win out near the end, which was really sweet.”

Photos from the birth also showed Wilson wearing a mask as he posed with Ciara post birth. The 35-year-old singer is now a mother of three as Win now five months, Sienna, three are shared with husband Wilson, and she has a six-year-old son, Future, named after her ex- Future the rapper.

She among a few celebrities who welcomed babies during the pandemic, including Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty, Meek Mill and Milan, Harris, Elon Musk, and Grimes, among others.