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Yella Beezy Capitalized On Leaked Video Of His Package Says Streams Went Up

Yella Beezy

Yella Beezy is giving the ladies an eyeful after a video of the rapper was leaked online, exposing his private parts while at home.

The home security camera video, which showed the rapper with his pants down around his mid-thigh and his package hanging down while he picked up a back pack and a gun, was shared on Instagram stories, the rapper says. Yella Beezy said it was an innocent mistake on the part of the mother of his child.

He says the video was for her eyes alone, but “they were playing too much which resulted in her accidentally sharing the video on her IG story.” The rapper, whose real name is Markies Deandre Conway, has since become popular with female fans and says his music streams skyrocketed. However, he says he does not want his music or career to be defined by the incident and that he doesn’t want “this to be attached to him nor base his career off it.”

Meanwhile, some are saying the move was for promotion by the artist himself. DJ Akademiks has suggested that the leak was for publicity. He said he has been contacted to share the video leading to his conclusion, “this one PR team been going mad hard tryna seed coverage about Yella Beezy D*ck video getting leaked or something, I don’t think they’ve even sent me his music as many times as they keep hitting me bout his penis being exposed.. anything for promo I see.”

Akademiks further said labels were willing to do anything to promote music, including leaking naked pictures of their artists.