Macka Diamonds Says Her New Spiritual Journey Is Not Fake Amid Fans Criticism

Dancehall fans seem to be very divided on whether or not Macka Diamond is sincere after announcing that she was making an earnest effort to cleanse herself and become a better Christian. She recently shared a clip on her Instagram in which she has been seemingly baptised by a New York pastor identified as Leslie Morgan. The video was posted on a blog site.

As he gives her a blessing he is seen rubbing olive oil on her head. Morgan then delivers the following prayer, “We declare deliverance, no weapon. We speak life, we speak protection, we speak healing, we speak restoration. You are delivered in the name of Jesus. You are delivered today, you are free today for who the Son set free is free indeed. Be loose, be delivered, be set free. We declare it and we decree it in Jesus name. You are free today.”

The baptism seems to be the culmination of her effort to cleanse herself. Coming to the end of December last year she declared that she would be doing a 14-day fast. Macka even staged live prayer sessions on Instagram but some fans are still not convinced that she’s being genuine.

Macka Diamond previously stated that her fasting and prayer were aimed towards healing the discontent and malice that she believes exists among women in dancehall. In some of the daily prayer sessions, her dancer TallUp joins her. Diamond’s push towards Christianity began after self-proclaimed spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith said that he intentionally disrupted Diamond’s career to ensure that Spice became the “Queen of Dancehall.”

While many have supported her others are on the fence, especially after she posted a video last Saturday, January 2, with herself praying at the side of a roadway before jumping into a track in which she calls for her enemies to “go dung”.

Macka Diamond has since tried to prove her sincerity. Just earlier today, January 5, she posted the following on Instagram, “Dem no stop crucify me jus like Jesus dem a #wickedheart but a prayers me use and #setmefree.” The caption is alongside a photo fo her on a cross, which comes across as a bit sacrilegious to some.

One fan said, “Then god no most punish all yuh. god ago beat yuh so much you really ago think a smady a obeah yuh,” another said, “Ok Macka that went a little bit 2 far,” and this fan seemed very incensed with her post, “Macka WTF is wrong with you? Dont tell me how you’re getting rid of your haters and this and that. That right there is straight up blasphemy.”

Another fan who commented on that post was also not amused with her antics, “Did know a some form a clout u did a look when u a mek noise ina the ppl dem church. This is straight up blasphemy,” this one said. The jury seems to be still out on whether or not her conversion is real but most fans are just not having it.